Suck it up and Succeed

F the Diet with Mariana Cadore

April 28, 2022 Episode 134
Suck it up and Succeed
F the Diet with Mariana Cadore
Show Notes

“Let's agree that diets are unreasonable, unappetizing, and unnecessary. Let's have an honest conversation to serve your audience.”

Mariana Cadore was involved in an unhealthy relationship. But it wasn’t with a person. It was with food, and her beliefs. 

The Brazilian native bounced through life like a worn ping-pong ball. A beautiful model at 15, a person with an eating disorder, a talented rower, a fibromyalgia sufferer. She had enough. Time to untangle the web…and untangle she did! 

Mariana reached deep inside to find out why things could be so good, and yet so bad. The tale of two Marianas needed to stop. But how? 

After dissecting every aspect of her life, including her toxic relationship with food, she realized she had work to do. To become the healthy and happy person she could love and feel good about, she had to rid negative thoughts, unrealistic fears and bad habits, most of which she didn’t know she had. 

She is now sharing her story, her discoveries about herself, and the changes she made. Food is something Mariana looked at as both a source of joy and self-harm. Today, she loves cooking for friends and family. 

Mariana’s greatest talent lies in helping people make that first step of admitting they want to do better. They might not know how, but Mariana’s kind and comforting words will make the journey much more pleasant. It’s just the kind of person Mariana is. Once lost, now found, Mariana’s greatest achievement is guiding others to the other side of fear and sadness and onto a new path of joy. 

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