Suck it up and Succeed

Hormones, Health, and Happiness w/ Amy Lenius

January 17, 2022 Juli Colotti Episode 125
Suck it up and Succeed
Hormones, Health, and Happiness w/ Amy Lenius
Show Notes


My name is Amy Lenius! I am a happily married mother of two boys and some animals (my chickens are my favorite - don't tell the rest)

I have a background in anatomy and physiology with a special interest in women's hormone health. I have a deep love for public speaking and have spoken on women's health and mindset at many incredible events throughout BC and Alberta dedicated to proactive holistic health, its the best!

With events on hold as the world has been changing, diving into podcasting has been a very exciting outlet to speak and serve others in this way.

Through my own journey struggling with chronic illness and being in a constant state of survival mode and coming out the other side thriving I have become dedicated to helping women find more health and happiness.

I have a mission on my heart to help women and mothers everywhere dive deeper into their passions, purpose vibrancy and joy. I help guide them into focusing on self care and self love so that they can learn what it feels like to give from a space of fulfillment instead of emptiness, stress and overwhelm. To give the best of them, not just what is left of them. It is time we normalize conversations around the fact that just because it common for women to be in a constant state of survival mode, hormonal imbalances and overwhelm doesn't mean its normal - even though it has been "normalized".

I deeply believe that our internal and external environments work as a community and one directly reflects the other. We can change our physical and mental health by making small consistent and aligned changes to both. My mental and physical health changed when embracing this!

I love talking about all of this and more, I am happy to explore many topics to help create community and support for women

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